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Long before humans walked this planet, animals thrived. Back then, diseases and injuries were just as rampant as they are today. However, there was no medication around. That is very much a human invention. However, animals were still able to pull through these conditions. This is because they discovered the miraculous healing power of herbs. They could identify which herbs could assist them with curing their ailments. In fact, history shows that many of the older herbal remedies, particularly those associated with ancient herbal medicine, were discovered through mere observation of animals. Early humans discovered that animals were using herbs to cure themselves of all sorts of conditions, and they used them too. Many of these herbal remedies are still being used to this day.

Of course, in the past few centuries, people have begun to veer away from herbal medication. Instead, they are opting to dose their pets with chemical concoctions offered by their veterinarian. These chemical options may help to heal conditions, but they certainly are not going to be good for the health of the dog. In fact, an animal can suffer many side effects when they take certain medications. However, it is worth noting that before pharmaceutical companies even put together these concoctions, they look to herbal solutions. In fact, they look in the same way that early humans did. This is through simple observation. Many of the top quality pharmaceutical products on the market, both for humans and for pets, may involve discoveries from the herbal world.

What are herbs?

Any plant could, theoretically be a herb. This is because herb is a descriptive name to any plant product used in the production of medicine, for culinary use, or to produce fragrances. Where herbs for pets differ from culinary herbs is in the fact that the whole plant could possibly be used. When you use herbs in culinary practices, the term tends to only apply to the leaf of the plant. In medical use, everything that is used to cure ailments could be classed as a herb.

The active part of the herb is known as a phytochemical. These are chemical compounds which can be found in plants. There are over 4,000 identified phytochemicals. Some help to give the plant color, some give the plant its smell, and others can have a positive impact on the bodies of your animals. We will look at how they work in a short while.

Why Herbs?

There are several reasons as to why you may wish to opt for herbal remedies for your animal. The benefits of herbs for dogs can also apply to humans that consume the same herbs, so if you are helping your animal get a touch healthier, then you may also wish to go down this route too and benefit your system.

Perhaps one of the main reasons as to why people opt for herbs for dogs is due to the reduced risk of side effects. In fact, it is very rare that the consumption of herbal remedies, at least if you go down the route of a quality remedy, will have any impact on the health of your animal. This is because herbs are natural. They are better tolerated by the body. Normal pharmaceutical products tend to be full of chemical compounds which have never been intended to be consumed by any animal. They may work, but they may also end up making your pet a little bit sicker too. Think of drugs which are used to deal with cancer and the like. They are beneficial, but they will put you through hell to get the benefit. This is because the body does not tolerate them well at all.

Keeping a pet in fine health can be expensive. Pharmaceutical companies tend to charge top dollar for their product, mainly because they know that pet owners will pay any price to ensure that that their animal is kept in the peak of their health. Sadly, many pets have had to be ‘put to sleep’ simply because their owners were unable to afford the ever-rising medical bills, normally due to the amount of medication that you need to purchase. When you use herbs for dogs, they may have the same impact on diseases for dogs, albeit coming in at a far lower price point. Since herbal remedies do not need any formal approval to be sold, this helps to keep the cost down even further.

Normally when your dog requires medication to deal with their ailments, they will need a prescription from the veterinarian. Again, this is something which can be quite expensive as veterinarians do not come cheap, especially if you do not have health insurance for your animal. It is easy to get hold of herbal remedies as there are no real dedicated channels to purchase it through. Several suppliers will offer quality herbal remedies. You just need to choose the option that is right for you, often by putting research into ensuring that you are purchasing the right herbs and that the herbal remedy that you are purchasing is of a high quality.

In addition to this, there are some studies which seem to indicate that herbal remedies are far better for longer term conditions, particularly when standard medication may not be having an impact on your dog. This is especially important for when your dog gets older and they may have to start dealing with chronic conditions such as arthritis. Study after study has demonstrated this. It is believed that the effectiveness is down to the fact that the animal tolerates the herbs well. As mentioned before, chemicals are not made for the body. Your dog’s immune system will do everything possible to expel the medication. It doesn’t like it. Sure, the medication will have an impact, but after a certain amount of time, the dog will have built up a tolerance to it. This means that the medication is going to become less and less effective. You may have seen recent studies on humans which show that antibiotics are becoming less effective on people. This is because our bodies have had so many antibiotics poured into them, they just do not work anymore. Herbal remedies do not have this issue. They work in the long term. The dog’s body will always be accepting of them.

Why not herbs

While it is easy to tout just how brilliant herbs for dogs are, because they are, it is also important to consider a few of the negatives. There are not many of them, but they are worth knowing about to ensure that your pet is in the safest possible hands while using them.

Firstly, not all conditions can be treated by herbal remedies. Most of them can, but not all of them. For example, if your pet is suffering from the onset of a sudden and deadly disease, it is unlikely that you will be able to find a herbal remedy that will be able to deal with it. In addition to this, if your animal has suffered a severe trauma, let’s take a broken leg for instance, then they again will struggle to get any benefit from herbal remedies. It is something which will need medical attention immediately. By all means, you will be able to use a herbal remedy to speed up the healing process after the medical attention to speed up the healing process. This is something that can help.

It is also important to note that some herbal remedies can have a conflict with certain medications. If your veterinarian must prescribe you with medication for your dog’s diseases, then make sure that you let them know if your animal is currently taking any herbal supplements. They will be able to inform you as to whether there will be any odd interactions at all.

Finally, while it can be tempting to go out there and pick your own herbs to treat your animal, it is important that you know what you are picking. Some herbs can look the same. While one herb may have a positive impact on your pet, the other may have a deadly impact. It is important that you choose the herbs wisely to ensure that your animal is getting the maximum amount of benefit with the minimum amount of risk. You will be able to find plenty of information on this website about that.

How do herbs work?

We are going to be honest with you here, scientists do not know how most herbal remedies on the market work. They know that the herbs have a positive impact on diseases for dogs, but they do not know exactly what the process is. Often, this is due to the fact that it is not just a single compound in the plant which has an impact on the animal. Instead, it is a combination of them.

As mentioned previously, when you use herbs for dogs, you will be giving your animal plant-based products which are packed to the brim with phytochemicals. There are many, many of them in plants. Each plant has a slightly different mixture, however. These phytochemicals are likely to work in tangent with one another to ensure that the pet is healthy. If just one of these phytochemicals was missing, it is likely that the plant would simply not have a positive impact. This is why it is so tough to pinpoint exactly what is going on. All we know is that they have a positive impact on the health of a dog, and that is all you need to be worried about.

What conditions can herbal remedies treat?

This is a pretty difficult question to answer because, away from severe conditions where it is critical that the dog is treated there and then, herbs for dogs can be used to treat a whole host of different conditions. However, every dog is different. While some may gain benefit from a natural remedy, another may not. It may take a few attempts to find a natural remedy that is perfect for them. The following benefits are known to occur from herbal remedies:

  • Sedatives

  • Stimulants

  • Astringents

  • Treatment of certain cardiovascular diseases in dogs

  • Treatment of bacterial infections, with many herbal remedies acting as brilliant antibacterial products.

  • Boosting the immune system of the animal. This allows them to combat diseases better. This is particularly important if your dog is old or going through a period of weakness, perhaps because they are currently being treated for another condition.

  • Nutritional benefits. This is to ensure that your dog gets everything that they need to thrive in their diet. Herbs do not even need to be used to treat a specific condition. They can also be used to improve the general health of your dog. Many people who have gone down the route of herbal remedies for their pets tend to find that their dog ends up with a healthier coat.

  • Treatment of arthritis. In fact, many studies into arthritis in dogs tend to be focused on herbal remedies.

If herbal remedies are so great, why do people not mention them all that often?

This is, quite literally, the million-dollar question. There is simply no money to be made in herbal remedies. Pharmaceutical companies only wish to develop products that they can patent. You can’t patent a herb which can quite easily be grown by anybody. As a result, pharmaceutical companies do not invest in them. Since they are not investing, very little marketing goes on, and very few studies can be carried out due to the lack of investment. However, if you carry out your research, you will find that there is scores and scores of information of people receiving benefits from giving their dogs herbal remedies.

If you are interested in herbs for dogs, you will find a plethora of different herbal remedies listed on this website. It is worth noting that every herb works in a slightly different manner and, as a result, will have different benefits when it comes to treating dog diseases. Therefore, make sure you choose the right herb for your animal.