DogSpot MD was born from the personal experience of founder Matt Williams and his dog Dawlee after she was diagnosed with Canine Dementia and Stage 2 Kidney Failure.  Dawlee's healing and recovery through the use of herbs and nutrition, inspired him to share his story with others and offer fellow dog owners the same opportunity.  



DogSpot MD provides pet lovers with in-depth information about various dog diseases and how to treat them naturally avoiding the use of prescription medications whenever possible. Proper nutrition in combination with the right herbs can dramatically improve your dog’s health, and through DogSpot MD you can discover natural remedies that give your dog a fighting chance. 



Matt Williams is the founder and owner of DogSpot MD. He has worked in the vitamin and nutrition industry for nearly a decade, and utilizes his knowledge and expertise to help dog owners identify herbal treatments that work.  Matt was inspired to launch DogSpot MD after his 13 year old dog, Dawlee, was diagnosed with canine dementia and given a short time left to live. His heart broke as he watched his beloved pup become a shell of her former self.

After his vet prescribed Dawlee a medication called Anipryl, she failed to get any better. It was later discovered that she also had kidney failure. Matt had had enough. He decided to try herbs and a strict diet to treat Dawlee. Miraculously, she became her old self again happier and healthier than ever.

Inspired by his dog’s transformation, Matt knew he had to share his story with thousands of other pet parents who were going through the same or similar situations. He took to YouTube and received a dramatic response. Knowing he had to do more to help pets recover when prescription medications aren’t helping, he decided to form DogSpot MD.

 Through DogSpotMD, Matt shares both his own experience with natural supplements and those of experts in the field to provide a comprehensive website where dog lovers can learn about natural supplements and purchase them from the comfort of their own home.

Through our simple, concise, and practical website we hope to help pet owners regain hope and keep their pets healthy and happy for many more years to come.