Dog Dementia / Canine Cognitive Dysfunction



What is dog dementia:

Dog Dementia, also know as Canine Cognitive Dysfunction or CCD, is primarily found in older dogs. It is characterized by the decline of cognitive functions resulting in behavioral changes in dogs.


Common symptoms of Dementia in Dogs are:

  • An abnormal amount of sleeping including during the day.

  • A decreased appetite or disinterest in food

  • A loss of energy and interest in normal routines

  • Having uncharacteristic accidents in the house when they are trained.

  • Staring at nothing and being overly sensitive to real or imagined sounds.

  • Unable to relax, walking in circles, or pacing.

  • Not recognizing family or friends any longer and showing aggression towards them.
  • Losing their sense of direction or seeming unfamiliar with surroundings

  • Not responding to their name or unable to do old tricks.


What Causes Canine Cognitive Dysfunction:

While the exact cause of dog dementia has not been conclusively agreed on, experts believe that physical and chemical changes in the dog's body impact their brain function. Dogs with cognitive dysfunction have been found to have abnormal amounts of protein which has accumulated in their brain. These abnormal brain conditions can interfere with the circulation of blood to the brain as well as proper nerve transmission, which results in the behavioral changes.


Treatments Options:

Conventional Treatment:  Selegiline, also known as Anipryl, is the drug commonly prescribed for treating canine cognitive dysfunction. This drug has shown varying levels of effectiveness at reducing some of the symptoms of dog dementia and can cause some side effects including loss of appetite, excessive thirst, vomiting, anemia, and signs of confusion, disorientation and restlessness.


Natural Remedies & Treatment Options:

Herbs for Dog Dementia:

Ginkgo: Widely considered an anti-aging herb, Ginkgo has proven to be effective in treating Alzheimer's disease in both dogs and people. Ginkgo boosts the long and short-term memory in dogs of all ages.

Bacopa: This Ayurvedic herb has been used for centuries in India to enhance memory and concentration.

Gotu Kola: An herb used in both Chinese and Ayurvedic medicine, that is particularly useful for memory problems and stress-related disorders.

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Do herbs really work for dogs?  The answer is emphatically yes!  Herbs have been shown to be highly effective in treating diseases in humans too, but dogs especially respond very well to them.  If you consider a sick dog in the wild, it would naturally seek out and consume the herb or plant that would treat it's condition.  It makes sense that dogs are so responsive to herbs, which is why herbs are becoming more widely used to treat dog diseases due to the fact that they are often more effective than pharmaceutical drugs and don't create the harmful side effects.  Consuming liquid herbal tinctures is the most effective method for a dog (and humans) as they absorb immediately into the body.  

See below Testimonials from Dog Owners who have used the combination of herbs listed here. 


Research points to processed dog foods as a leading contributor to many diseases in dogs including Cancer, Pancreatitis and Dementia.  Fresh, unprocessed food is the healthiest option you can feed your dog.  While preparing food yourself is the most ideal, this may not be realistic for many.  Other practical options might be to buy raw food from a company like Primal Dog Food or to begin to supplement their current diet with fresh or frozen raw food or fresh cooked meat. Dr. Pitcairn's Complete Guide to Natural Health for Dogs and Cats has lots of great simple-to-make meal options.  You can view some of them here.


Finally, walking your older dog is vitally important to their health. Even walking for just short intervals will help increase circulation and get blood flowing to the brain.

Testimonials from Dog Owners of who have used the combination of herbs previously mentioned and available below. 

Monika Langguth 1 week ago

Matt . . I want to give you an update. After two days on these herbs as you recommended Steinway our Canaan dog actually relaxed and stopped pacing and panting. . . this is awesome!!!   You have helped us so much. We have tried everything to calm him down and I just sat on the couch looking at Steinway in amazement that he was actually relaxing!!!!  You need to package this and sell it with instructions .  There are so many people that are heartbroken when their ole guys and gals start fading out. . I will keep you posted but I had to tell you this!!!  THANK YOU!!!!   SO MUCH!!!!!  Monika

tantroniq 3 months ago

Thanks to this video, I tried the blend on my Shepherd Collie mix with dementia. Has begun working in ways I did not expect. Thank you!!!!!

Kimberly Hinrichs 4 months ago

Saved my dog and our family!! Thank you so much for this information!! We were all going insane and then happened upon your YouTube and bought the products listed and started using them for our little boy who was pacing every night all night long. This has stopped and he is happy and so are we. Thank you so much!

HECTOR RIVERA 9 months ago

It is because of this man Matt Williams, my little Wally is alive today.  Last week, Wally was in a state of "CANINE COGNITIVE DYSFUNCTION" . I nearly lost him at age fourteen. After several Vet visits, meds, and especially Matt's herb extract recommendations, Wally has sprung back. Like nothing ever happened! The 3 herb remedies he suggested were: ANIMAL APAWTHECARY, GOTU KOLA, AND BACOPA EXTRACT. Stay with me a little longer Wally, I love you so............

VI Lenin 10 months ago

I can definitely say the combination you provided, in addition to  acetyl-l-carnite, very quickly mitigated my dog's dementia symptoms.  He's 18 though, and I suspect he will pass away soon from just being extremely old, but your supplement recommendations have made a noticeable difference. I have a slight worry in that I'm fairly certain garlic is not good for dogs, and the hawthorn supplement contains garlic, but nevertheless, in the aggregate, those supplements worked well, and quick.

Andres Bello 1 year ago

My 14 yr old Border Collie mix turned almost catatonic this week. The change was incredible and my wife and I were thinking we had to "put her down" because this was no life. Desperately I went on line and found your Youtube video. Today is Sat. On Weds I ordered the herbs you listed online. But I also found the Apawthecary hawthorn plus at a local dog supply store and gave her her first dose Weds night. She got up Thursday and ate for the first time in several days on her own. As we have continued to give her the tincture she has come back to us. And this with only the single tincture! I am still waiting for the others to arrive. The change in only a few days is incredible! Yesterday I took her to a State park where she ran around and played with other dogs! She walked and ran in the park with me for an hour and a half! I want to stress that only days before she was emotionally/intellectually/and physically feeble and absent for us. A neighbor's dog went by and we let her out cuz she likes the dog and she ran over and went into a play bow and started playing with the dog. This is really incredible. What you have posted is just an incredible gift. I mean seriously, I just can't thank you enough.

Ok this is an update from a previous post, in case anyone else comes to this video. I have had my dog on apawthecary hawthorn plus for a week now. She is doing incredibly well. One issue my dog has that Matt's did not is she is epileptic. There is some evidence that ginkgo biloba (which is in the apawthecary tincture) can cause seizures. My dog was showing signs she would have seizures in the evening. We were treating this with valium the first several nights until the calming solution Matt recommended arrived. We used it last night and it was amazing, way better than the valium in fact. The valium would prevent our dog from seizing but make her loopy. The calming solution (Composure Max Liquid) was incredible. It calmed her, but she did not get loopy. In fact took her for a short late night walk before bed while she was on it and then went to bed. In the day I took her for an hour and a half walk in a state park. This is simply amazing. Only a week ago she was almost catatonic and we were definitely thinking we would put her down. It's not just that she is acting like she did two weeks ago, she is actually acting like she used to a year ago. It's as if she just got a year younger. I have no idea if all dogs would respond the way mine has, or Matt's did, but if you are losing your canine buddy, you have got to try this. I am still waiting for the bacopa to come, but am hopeful about it as it naturally increase thyroid levels and my dog's levels are low, and there is evidence it helps prevent seizures in epileptics. I did not use the Gotu kola as it apparently is considered not safe to usewhile on pheno, which my dog is on for her epilepsy. However, after reading about it I am taking it myself. Matt's video has been the best thing that has happened to me (not to mention my dog!) in some time. I am writing this because one of the commentators was questioning the lack of any comments from people recounting positive results from using these herbs. The results for my dog, in only one week, are simply stunning.

monsonite1 2 years ago

I want to thank you for your post. I have a 16 year old dog that started acting funny walking back and forth non stop with putting her head behind furniture ect for 6 days without eating anything.We were about the put her down the next day since the vet thought it may be a tumor since it was the way dogs act when they have one. I went on line as my last resort and came across your video and figured what do I have to lose. I gave her the gingko that night and the next day about 12 I asked my husband to go into the fridge to get her a piece of cheese, mind you that she would not eat anything the week before and up to that day. She was walking by and grabbed it out of his hand. We were so stunned I told him to go get some more, and she continued to eat after that day. If it was not for this video we were about to put her down at 3 that day. She is better then she was before, being more alert, etc. and no more walking around back and forth. I have also put her on the other ones bacopa and gotu kola you mentioned which helps. She is also on 3 mg melatonin to help her sleep since without it she will get up at night and just stand there in the dark. Thank you again since she means the world to us.




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